Pollinator-Friendly Seeds

Thanks to our neighbor Anne who donated a pint of seeds harvested in her own garden last season from pollinator-friendly flowering plants: yarrow, coreopsis, echinacea, joe pye weed, black eyed susan, and sage.

These have been scattered into planters and tree beds throughout the garden and I expect to see some of them later this summer, with others remaining dormant and cropping up in subsequent years.

Thanks again, Anne!

Grandpa Ott

My favorite variety of morning glories continues to be the Bavarian “Grandpa Ott” with its deep purple blooms.

They do a great job of climbing the fence — or bamboo rods, or tall plants, or anything else they can find for support — and although their flowers don’t stay open for long, there are so many of them that they provide a constant stream of color for months throughout the late summer and into the fall.

Spring Floral Additions

We took a trip to Metropolitan Plant & Flower Exchange in Fort Lee and picked up a bunch of bedding flowers to be added to the garden planters and the treebeds here and around the neighborhood, including the following:

  • Petunia — Starlet White; Tritunia White; Tritunia Plum; Tritunia Veined Mix
  • Marigold — Taishan Mix
  • Dwarf Snapdragon — White; Yellow; Pink Rose
  • Dianthus (“Sweet William”) — White; Pink Mix
  • Celosia (“Cockscomb”) — Glorious Mix
  • Verbena (“Vervain”) — Obsession Blue with Eye; Obsession Pastel Mix
  • Lobelia — Hot Brilliant Blue 
  • Lantana — Bandana Rose
  • Calibrachoa — Conga Red
  • Bracteantha (“Strawflower”) — Mohave Basket Yellow
  • Coreopsis (“Tickseed”) — Beauty Sunrise