Sweet Potato Vines

Someone left a sprouted sweet potato lying on the dirt in one of the garden planters this spring, so I dug it in just to the level of the surface and it’s been very happy, with four vines coming off of it, each six feet long and happily tangled in the fence trellis.

I’ll need to do some research to know how to over-winter it — do I just leave it in place and assume it will die back and resprout in the spring?

Runner Bean Harvest

I planted the runner beans too late in the season — we did get some nice vines, and some lovely flowers, but by the time they were getting ready to set fruit it had already turned cool, and in the end there was only one actual pod that was large enough to harvest, yielding just four beans — hardly enough to be worth cooking, so I’ll set them aside to dry and be planted next year… hopefully a little earlier this time!